The Multi-Purpose Studio has the capacity and space to host a number of different activities, such as:


Dance to the rhythms of the world with our Zumba instructors or show off your street moves through a Hip-Hop dance workshop. Our qualified instructors will take you through basic techniques and help you create your own routines to get exercising to a beat.


Make your body a machine with the TRX. Our instructors will take you through basic workouts that will allow you to obtain a full-body workout within a short-period of time, using the TRX and your own body as the only pieces of equipment!

Party Room

When you have us host a party at our facility, not only do you have full access to our XrKade, but we turn our studio into a fully equipped party room. Included are tables, chairs, tablecloths, plates, cups, eating utensils, napkins, and party decorations.


Relieve stress and become one with yourself through a guided yoga session with one of our qualified instructors. Learn different techniques that will allow you to improve your flexibility, balance, and most importantly, mental awareness.