Who we are:

Fitness for Success is Canada’s first and only Interactive Fitness and Exergaming Facility. We make fitness fun by integrating the latest technology and traditional fitness, in an effort to proactively reduce the high incidence of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes among Canadians; particularly in youth. We are an educational healthy active living facility.

What we do:

Guide, teach, and motivate our participants to invest in their bodies and health. In exergaming, we utilize the latest video-based technology, participants are able to run, jump, dance, kick, punch, and react to various sounds and signals while racking up high scores. We host educational field trips for elementary and secondary students, co-op placement and experience for high school and college students, cognitive enhancement programs for those with developmental challenges such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, sports performance training, anti-obesity fitness programs, mental health training workshops, nutrition counseling, and much, much more.




A message from President and CEO Noel Morgan:

“Growing up in Jamaica afforded me a great start to adopting an active healthy lifestyle. With little access to training facilities and equipment, my body became my machine. Through activities such as cricket and track and field – which is a passionate activity in Jamaica – I was able to develop the necessary skills to enjoy a variety of activities and sports. After arriving in Canada at the age of 12, my participation in a variety of sports and activities contributed to a successful athletic career in elementary and secondary school.  This further led to my attending university on a football scholarship through the support of my former teachers and coaches. My short lived aspiration of a professional football career was shortened due to injuries and I went on to becoming a high school teacher. I wanted to make a lasting contribution by giving back!

Having read volumes of published reports in the Media about the growing incidence of inactivity among Canadian youth – attributed partly to inactivity due to technology and screen-based activities – I wanted to create a physical location that would serve as an intervention.

I witnessed fist hand as a high school health and physical education teacher that my students were becoming more and more immersed with their hand held devices, while i was struggling to get them focused on exercise. This is where it dawned on me to combine both worlds. My vision was to use the latest technology available and merge it with fitness to create a futuristic training facility. Given that today’s generation is technologically savvy, I felt this could be a win-win situation. The creation of Fitness 4 Success has been a dream come through. It is dynamic space where families, individuals, and groups can have fun while training to achieve effectively and measurable results. I invite you and your family to come in for a complimentary training session!


Noel Morgan”