XRKade (Interactive Fitness Room)

_0004_xrkadeBeyond the Game – Our XRKade space comprises 1400 sq. ft. and is a facility within a facility. This arcade style setting with special design elements gives the feeling of a Sci-Fi futuristic arcade zone with a myriad of illuminating lights and sounds.

Each play station involves using one’s body as the controller to engage in fitness while having fun. Get into the XrKade and compete to reach the high score!

Future Aces Kids’ Studio

_0003_kids-studioThe Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Kids Studio is equipped with 9 pieces of circuit training equipment that utilize adjustable hydraulic resistance.

The Jungle (High Performance Gym)

The Jungle features patented adjustable cam strength machines by Strive, free weights, Bosu balls, medicine balls, a variety of extreme balance boards, cardio equipment, and plenty of other equipment you won’t find in your average gym.

The Multi-Purpose Studio

_0000_multi-purpose-studioThe Multi-Purpose Studio contains space to perform a number of different fitness activities. TRX, Dancercise (i.e. Zumba, Hip-Hop, etc.), Yoga, meditation, and more.

Nutrition Bar

The Nutrition Bar contains plenty of healthy snacks and refreshments to help you gain the energy you need to get through your workout.