Nutrition Bar

This area of the facility houses our nutritious foods and refreshments, ready to mix and blend up for our students!

Youth Programs at the Bar

The incidence of Obesity and Type II Diabetes continues to rise among Canadian children and youth. A holistic approach is needed to instill a healthy approach to growth and development. To complement our unique fitness program, we incorporate a healthy nutrition component. During any of our youth programs, our holistic nutritionist presents an engaging nutrition seminar covering the basics of healthy nutrition based on the age level of the individuals/group. Participants will learn how to incorporate healthy eating habits into their daily life.

Included in the seminar is a complimentary nut-free, and lactose-free smoothies. Why do we include smoothies?

  1. We love your students.
  2. We recognize that young people are not consuming enough servings of fruits and vegetables. In a smoothie, 3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables can be consumed in a refreshing way.